Liberty Equality Fraternity

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity


Liberty, equality and fraternity are essential characteristics that have been shaped from different sources and in different contexts. We are concerned with our future and the future of our children. Therefore, we do not take up these concepts in a mystical or manipulative-political context. The derivation is from Anthroposophy, which has a significant role in many considerations for the future.

Ideals for thriving and recovery

These three attributes, liberty, equality, fraternity, describe as ideals the so-called Social Threefolding according to Rudolf Steiner. Regarding his idea of the social coexistence of man, he formulated three main elements:

1. Cultural life

2. Legal life

3. Economic life

(Education, Art, Spirituality)

(Politics, Administration, Laws)

(Production, Distribution, Consumption)

1. Cultural life
(Education, Art, Spirituality)

2. Legal life
(Politics, Administration, Laws)

3. Economic life
(Production, Distribution, Consumption)

Rudolf Steiner - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Rudolf Steiner explicitly pointed out that the threefold structure of the social organism is not a mere theory or model, as is the case with capitalism or communism, for example. Rather, it is a matter of a realistic implementation in a holistic approach to the social question.

This idea follows the analogy of the threefold division of the human organism into metabolic system, cardiovascular system and nervous/sensory system.

The ideals mentioned at the beginning are concretely assigned to these three areas of the social organism: Freedom in intellectual life, equality in legal life and fraternity in economic life.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: At first glance…

We can see at a glance that between a teacher and his students, or between a doctor and his patients, there will be neither a politician nor a representative of business. Citizens and consumers will become free people.

We also recognize that freedom in the economy, as it exists today and as it has led to a completely unleashed predatory capitalism, is not intended. Egoism becomes brotherhood.

Furthermore, it becomes clear for the area of equality in legal life that now also prominent individuals or a member of an administration or government will be held responsible, for example, for embezzlement (of tax money), for breach of the constitution or for “Wirecard fraud”.

Through freedom in education to the natural upbringing of children

For the field of children’s education (better: children’s companionship), the establishment of this idea will have a very healing effect on our children and thus on the entire civilization in the medium term.

To resume the train of thought “At first sight…”: What a blessing it will be when children are no longer forcibly subjected to early sexual education from the age of 4? What daily torment will be a thing of the past if the teaching material (dead information), which is also otherwise often at the wrong time and often out of touch with reality, is no longer taught?

Natural child rearing and natural learning will be the future.

Threefoldness also in man (as a single subject)

Analogous to the threefold structure of the social organism and human organism, Rudolf Steiner also divides the human being himself into three areas, which has implications with regard to education. The division:

1. Spirit – (Thinking) – Cultural life
2. Soul – (Feeling) – Legal life
3. Body – (Willing) – Economic life

Social Threefold and its ideals: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

The Waldorf education developed by Rudolf Steiner, which takes all three elements equally into account in education, is also derived from this view of man, which makes man a civic and consumer-oriented object apart from the previous state and economic influence. It is quite certain that the ideas of Rudolf Steiner will shape the coming golden age. Not only the principle of social threefolding belongs on board,

but also, for example, the epistemology or anthroposophy as a whole. By the way, do we recognize from this threefolding a connection to the rhythmic aspect of the Tekos school or the Lais pedagogy?

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