End Times – Into the 5th Dimension

What happens and what awaits us

We are in the middle of an inconceivable change and an ascent and liberation process unique in the entire history of creation. We are at the end of the biblical end times and in the ascent into the 5th dimension. In the spiritual and also scientific linguistic world one uses generally and by the way completely naturally the terms transformation and consciousness ascent, 3D and 5D. We are the ones who are allowed to experience all this live: The divine project “earth transition”.

Dark forces have not only taken advantage of this planet Earth eons of years ago. They have spread their low vibration, which is nothing but the energy pattern of fear, here. They feed on this low vibrational energy in a parasitic way. Their earthly “collaborators” (cabal, Deep State…) serve these demons under the leadership of Ahriman (Satan) and have transformed the planet into a haven of power, control, lack and terror. The economic structures established on the part of the cabal have completely consumed the divinely intended prosperity of the Earth. In fact, all the suffering caused served the development of the souls incarnated here again and again as human beings of Mother Earth. In this respect we understand the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:

I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.

The complete uncoupling of the human species and the transformation to the animal with the help of the mRNA vaccination (5th generation bio-weapon), represents that climax which our creator God cannot put up with any more. This is not the only reason why the announced liberation and the ascent into the 5th dimension will finally take place.

Changes through the transformation for the 5th dimension

End Times - Into the 5th Dimension - Solar storms

We have been experiencing for some time, for example, significant changes in terms of the decreasing intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field, the increase in the Earth’s vibration and the change in solar activity. Signs of the pole shift (Reversal of the earth’s magnetic field) are becoming more apparent and animal herds are apparently showing a response to these changes in the anomaly of circular movements.

We may imagine that the change from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional density entails an increase in consciousness and perception, a sensitization of our energy and DNA system and a change in our physical molecular structure. We become more ethereal.

Within the framework of this transformation, we receive a more sensitive chakra system, the 7 main chakras become twelve. There is also an activation of the DNA double helix to 12-strand DNA. The pineal gland, degenerated and “calcified” to the size of a pea, develops through growth and the communication between the two halves of the brain is strengthened. We become clairvoyant, clairsentient and we regain the ability to telepathise.

Complete DNA

End Times and 5th Dimension; From the science

If one wants to make oneself familiar with the topic area of the transformation, very many scientific and popular scientific writings are available for this. An interdisciplinary-scientific potpourri of information enables also the interested layman the deepening of a knowledge which makes completely inconceivable events in the future realizable.

The quantum field theory of the physicist Burkhard Heim teaches us that there are 12 dimensions (x1-x12), at the upper end of which God is to be found. We as human beings, who use the space x1-x3 in the daily life and compellingly need the time (x4), are embedded in this 12 dimensions.

The findings of Virgil Armstrong in his essay “The Photon Belt” may be part of the home library to deal with the transformation. Virgil Armstrong describes by the way that the so-called photon belt, in which our solar system is “immersed”, carries a parallel universe, which will offer us an additional living space in the course of the separation after the Divine Judgment (Details in the following article). In the home library, of course, may be much more information.

The New Earth

Die neue Erde

The 3-volume book “The New Earth” by Lawrence & Michael Sartorius, which can also be read online on the Internet, also reveals information about the current transformation and information about the future for those who are heading to this ascending planet Earth.

The Word of God on the End Times – The Urantia Book and The Phoenix Journals

We can deal with significant works. The Bhagavadgita and the Bible are certainly among them. The Urantia Book, first published by the Urantia Foundation in 1955, shows us the origin, history and destiny of mankind. It answers questions about God, life in the inhabited universe, the history and future of this world. It also contains an uplifting narrative of the life and teachings of Jesus.

The Urantia Book
Phoenix Journals

From the Phoenix Journals, initiated by none other than our Creator God Christ Michael Aton himself, two quotes are taken from this page (See below), which give us first-hand information about the events to come.

The PHOENIX JOURNALS have been compiled and passed on by the Higher Brotherhood, whose hosts have prepared these cycles of time in which the present civilization either passes into a higher plane of consciousness or falls back into the ages of darkness.”

The PHOENIX JOURNALS have been compiled and passed on by the Higher Brotherhood, whose hosts have prepared these cycles of time in which the present civilization either passes into a higher plane of consciousness or falls back into the ages of darkness.”

Apocalypse HOPI Prophecy is Coming True | Floyd ‘Red Crow’ Westerman (Kangi Duta)

The following film production from Inspired Channel chronicles the changes now and those to come. Floyd ‘Red Crow’ Westerman (Kangi Duta) shares the ancient Hopi prophecy (not only) about the end of America, the great change that is coming, and the possibilities of truly living on and with Mother Earth.

Religion – The End Times

When we enter the language field of the Abrahamic religions, we speak of the so-called end times and may be certain that we are at present already at the end of these end times.

End Times - Into the 5th Dimension - Savior

The signs mentioned in the Bible as prophecies for the end times are abundant.

The Swiss theologian Roger Liebi has scientifically examined biblical indications and has been able to prove, on the basis of 180 fulfilled prophecies, that we are in these end times.

As far as the very recent times are concerned, the book author would now have every reason to bring his work into the next edition. We are now in an El Dorado of prophecies that continue to be fulfilled and even intensify.

However, end time does not mean the end of our existence in an ultimate cataclysmic form, but the end of the level of consciousness that was available to us on this planet for our development in the 3rd dimension. Furthermore, the end times can be seen as a purification process and liberation for mankind.

The post-Atlantean time epoch, which we have gone through the last millennia and which was bristling with wars and violence, i.e. with evil, actually served our development. We need the evil (in us) to be able to decide for the good. This refers to “waging war” in the broadest sense. Here, not only the military or physical-violent confrontation and the deliberate hurting or killing is meant, but also the handling of disturbing feelings such as hatred, envy or jealousy, but also, for example, the attachment to material things. Jesus had put it in a nutshell when he formulated the homework: “Love your enemies”.

We travel through space

Those who have essentially mastered this development go the way into the 5th dimension on a fairly straight path. Some human brothers and sisters still need some time and receive suitable cosmic living spaces with correction time loops for this, i.e. other planets which are available in habitable zones of neighbouring star systems and with similar conditions to our planet Earth.

Travel through space

These planets could initially still simulate the energies of the usual 3rd dimension in various gradations, in order to thus enable a state of consciousness and space of experience suitable for the individual level of development.

Cosmic living spaces

We are in a cosmic cycle in which our solar system orbits the central sun Alkyone, which lies in the constellation of the Pleiades, in approx. 26000 years.

The Photon Belt - Screenshot YouTube "Photon Belt Phenomenon" (edited)

Source: Screenshot YouTube “Photon Belt Phenomenon” (edited)

In this cycle we go twice approx. 11000 years through a low vibrational darkness (“For our development) and only twice approx. 2000 years through the light (For the ascent, depending on the outcome of the last judgement).

This is intended by our Creator. The 2000-year periods of light are caused by our solar system passing through a photon belt, also known as the Manasian current or Christ energy. We are fully immersed in this photon belt in the year 2012. This photon belt carries a parallel universe within itself, in which the habitats are located that are additionally held in readiness for us (about 2/3 of the human souls). Based on different sources we may assume that about 1/3 of the human souls are qualified for the ascent into the next dimension, i.e. return to this planet “Earth” ascending into the 5th dimension.

NASA has recently discovered an Earth-sized planet (TOI 700 e). In this system TOI 700, which lies in the southern constellation Dorado, three other planets have already been sighted (TOI 700 b, c and d).

According to scientists, however, there are other star systems and planets that have Earth-like characteristics and on which human life is conceivable. These include, for example, K2-18b, planets in the Kepler system or the planet Ross 128b.

These findings could support the thesis regarding the new cosmic living spaces.

Ascension help for the 5th dimension

The scale of consciousness according to Dr. David Hawkins can also be used as a benchmark for development and the associated possibility for ascension into the 5th dimension. The levels described therein and the striving for their application basically also characterise the vibrational state of a human being.

In this respect, the scale can be seen as an orientation and guide for one’s own development. It is an “ascension aid” and should be supplemented by means of further explanations and examples, e.g. by the teachings of Jesus.

Scale of Consciousness according to Dr David Hawkins

Scale of consciousness - by David Hawkins

Source: medium.com

The development of each person within the ascension process is very individual. Thus it may well be that disagreements increasingly arise in familiar relationships with other people. This happens due to different vibrational developments and is often characterised by rejection. As far as one recognises this symptomatology, it is helpful to accept this development as reality. Any resistance would only have a reinforcing effect. According to the cosmic principle “as in the outer, so also in the inner”, this approach is also useful for ourselves, i.e. for inner work. The now increased appearance of our own “unpopular” dark fields such as fear, anger and certain traumas now need healing and are therefore presented to us for this in a special way. Here too, acceptance is of great importance. Why should we suppress it or push it away when it belongs to us anyway as “reality”? So whether towards other people or within ourselves: Acceptance through conscious perception and acceptance leads to a transformative integration instead of an uncontrolled “spillover” with a destructive course.

Those who, for example, feel comfortable in an elbow society and/or adhere to a materialistic world view or persecute their human brothers and sisters on the basis of an earthly ideology, receive precisely these external circumstances as an appropriate space for experience, but now with better development opportunities. But whoever had the idea until the end to be able to deliberately exercise the most serious violations of the commandments of God, receives if necessary a temporary cosmic deep sleep as a rehabilitation quarantine.

Insofar as people are attached to God in their faith and confess respectively behave towards Jesus Christ in righteousness, they receive conditions that – far from dualism and guilt – allow divine love and mercy to be experienced on this (then purified, nourished, ascending) planet “Earth” in the order of God.

According to their shown and recorded striving and taking into account their free will, every human being thus receives an appropriate living space. Here it becomes clear that with regard to the selection of the appropriate path or planet, we are dealing with the end-time Divine Judgement, where we come before the throne of Christ, “sound of trumpets” included. What we should be particularly aware of is that those who have not gone against the laws of God have uniquely “booked” two fleshly lives with their last birth (incarnation). The second life, for which they will soon be purified and rejuvenated in the course of the final judgement (transformation), also provides for a considerably longer lifetime in addition to the changes already mentioned. Death and birth for this are spiritual in nature and overlap. We are currently (2022) in the throes of birth. As for the much longer lifetime, we are talking about the 1000 years of the golden age. We thus also understand the statement of the divine pathfinder Donald J. Trump: “The best is yet to come”.

Support for the Transformation – They are All Here

If a temporal factor was discernible above which had to be taken into account for the transformation and liberation at the end of the Last Days, then it must be known that certain souls were also provided for support as „ground personnel“ at the right time (approach to the photon belt). Let’s use a small section to show this development. We remember that especially in the 1960s to the beginning of the 70s there had been a worldwide glut of babies, with which older souls (perhaps of other origin) could incarnate in correspondingly high proportion.

This increase in the global birth rate was also reflected in Germany. Specifically for Germany, however, there was another wave in the former GDR between the mid-1970s to the end of the 1980s.

In the area of the former GDR, today’s resistance against inhuman politics is greater than in the „West“. I wonder if this is due to the fact that – disregarding the different political and cultural socialization – there was a second baby glut in the GDR at the time, but not in the FRG?

Here, for the further discussion of this phenomenon, let us first deal with the so-called “Indigos” and use this term as an expression or synonym for evolved souls. Therefore, it should not be too essential at this point whether they are called indigos, crystal children or rainbow children (so-called star seeds). Let us rather assume that these souls behind such synonyms have already passed through certain cycles of development – which are now decisive for the majority of the human family – and have returned with this spectrum of experience for the purpose of support. The Indigos are also called souls from the “family of light”.

These soul-children differ in their present incarnation from most others and have the task for our Creator God to support the project earth transition from here “below”, just as ground personnel. Their share of masculine energy is proportionally overemphasized. They are warriors (of the light) in different expression as well as manner.


They have the task to bring “light” and to uncover the truth and around uncovering of the enslaving principle of the fear and the lie.

Indigo children, after being awakened, discover questionable social norms and, contrary to these norms, have a different vision of the future, up to and including a mission. Indigos have, after their awakening, themselves less deep-swinging fear, because they are higher-swinging in their development potential as a whole and thus are able to allow fear for the purpose of evaluation in their consciousness. Only from such a possibility of evaluation can cognition arise. Sometimes some of them may feel not to be “at home” here and some of them express this.

The low vibrational human souls due to considerable manipulation, especially the dark slavers of a so-called „elite“, are very afraid of them. They slander them, they mock, disown and discredit these souls of light. The politically organised and even written discrediting campaigns, for example in matters of pandemic, climate or gender policy, are current evidence of this, demonstrating a brutal approach up to the quality of criminal incitement of the people. Overall, the topic of “indigo children” is being torn apart by the media. Nevertheless, the Lightbringers are fulfilling their mission more and more and, with the increase of the storm and current that has long since begun, they will also increase this by being able to surround their own (tormentor) brothers and sisters with love and bring understanding and truth to the individual in an increased manner. On the other hand, they will positively influence the collective in quantum space with their vibration and thoughts (their vision).

Furthermore, however, other helpers were sent for this time. They come from the “family of love”. They are the so-called crystal children and there is the estimation that these incarnate since the turn of the millennium, some also earlier. Unlike the Indigos, they have a proportional overemphasis of feminine energy, the “soft power.”

So-called rainbow children have also become known, who, with their balanced energies, are considered to have a higher destiny as connectors of heaven and earth and bringers of love and joy. With regard to their estimated incarnation period, they now belong to the younger people.

In addition, we can assume that far more highly developed souls are among us. Let us think, for example, of Donald J. Trump, Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy Jr. or Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. From the interpretation of biblical „figures“ to speculations on incarnations of prominent avatars, there are very exciting assessments of the aforementioned personalities.

If we have spoken of “ground personnel” so far, then this is of course only a part of the liberation army. Who observes attentively the sky, will recognize the moving “stars” and the lightning “shooting stars”. But they are neither real stars nor shooting stars. They are the announced hosts, consisting of about one million spaceships. From starships (larger than the planet Earth) to plasma or gravity powered “saucers”. This army consists essentially of the intergalactic fleet of the Pleiades (under Asthar), led by the supreme commander Georges Ceres Hatonn. This one is none other than the Creator Son Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon incorporated into this entity, that is, our Christ, our local Creator-God. It is impossible not to mention who is in overall charge of the liberation of our planet. This is Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara, who in his prelude to this redemption became better known as the Son of Man, as Jesus.

Members of this liberation army will land on our planet. We will meet them.

End Times – Into the 5th Dimension – Concluding remarks

At the end of a dark era of time, we are now entering the vibrational state of light. We will receive completely new conditions. To put it in the words of spiritual natives of North America, “We are going from the age of the beast to the age of man.” This transition is characterized by the “great spirit” coming and shaking the earth. We are experiencing this turbulence right now.

The time of the 5th dimension corresponds to the so-called golden age. In the Bible, a period of about 1000 years is reported in this context. In these 1000 years, all human brothers and sisters, whatever different paths they may have taken due to different states of development, will ultimately be brought together. This is what God desires and realizes for us.

After a temporary separation, which will be referred to in the next chapter, we will be united as a human family in the age of the 5th dimension and then go together into the next higher state of consciousness.

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