Recognize soul plan

We will recognize you

The 5th dimension brings us to a higher consciousness. We receive a sensitization of our energy and DNA system and a change in our physical molecular structure. We become more ethereal. This puts a new “discipline” on the timetable. We will recognize the soul plan in ourselves and our children.

The knowledge of the divinity of our children

Why to recognize the soul plan - Each soul has its way

We go through development above all within the matter condensed in space and time, and this under consideration of quite certain development goals. These are certainly on the one hand of general nature, but often also shaped in dependence of requirements or desires resulting from the past. We ourselves determine the path and when we

recognize our soul plan, we can better focus on walking the straightest path possible.

On the planet with the number 606, which is located within our local universe and which we commonly call Earth, but occasionally also Gaia, Terra, Shan or (cosmically) Urantia, we have all already been very often and before each of these incarnations we have already decided before the “approach” what we want to experience, into which conditions we must get for it and what essentially everything should be on the timetable.

This aforementioned knowledge is significant when it comes to the subject of the soul plan. At first, it is not about being able to determine the more or less exact location on the very great journey of the soul. We know that all God-given abilities are present in every soul. And yes, girls can do mathematics too.

Not only for the preschool phase of life: Observation is essential

Observe Child

As far as the incarnated soul with a “possible” mission is concerned, we pay attention to certain focal points of interest in our children, which we may call gifts and talents. We observe and recognize in which direction it should go or where (planned) interests, i.e. self-revelations of the child begin to show. So there is a key in intensive observation.

The mere knowledge of the huge potential of a soul, which is only carried to a fraction within the respective physicality, already brings the sensitivity, which brings us to the necessary observation, what a child rather rejects or rather accepts. It is therefore a matter of acceptance for one or against the other and a meaningful balance.

The eyes as a mirror of the soul

The eyes are the mirror of the soul or the gate to the soul, so one hears it again and again. It is quite certain that certain inner states show themselves in the eyes. This circumstance seems to be helpful to connect with other people via the heart level under the influence of silence and focus. Beyond the considerations of a deeper connection, the eyes show us something

Recognize soul plan - View into the soul

very important situationally: Does a child feel understood with his or her ideas? Or: Are we on “eye level”?

Beyond the eyes: Recognize the soul plan with our 5D intuition

We should not forget that the eyes in their primary function are the organ with which we can observe in the outside. Time and rest in this context will be the aspects to which we should pay much more attention. In the 5th dimension, where we get a life in God’s order, we will have expanded abilities with an expanded consciousness. Higher sensitivity, greater empathy and even telepathic abilities will greatly benefit the nurturing of our children.

There are already in this three-dimensional level of consciousness some people who have a deviating view and sensitivity in dealing with children and in understanding children. Quite certainly an “I Am” consciousness already plays a role here as a pre-grace.

However, we should assume that we will reach the state of consciousness of the 5th dimension on differently long ways and for it different cosmic habitats, partly still with old vibration patterns or its 3D-simulations will be provided.

For the 5th dimension we need to understand that compared to the hitherto dominant level of the cognitive mind, the heart level will now play a directional role. The heart space is the seat of the soul. It is precisely on this level that we want to recognize and support our children with greater emphasis in the future.

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