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“Feeling welcome” is certainly an aspect that is important not only for our children. It makes a big difference for everyone on their journey to have this feeling or not. How important is it then for our little ones?

The prenatal dimension and birth – Where “Feeling welcome” begins

We could actually already take into account the phase in which our children are ‘approaching’, including pregnancy. The aspect of feeling welcome certainly also includes the prenatal dimension with its various stages.

But let’s start with the event in which we catch sight of the world’s first light. For example, how about a pain-free birth? As originally intended, as in the past? You don’t believe that? Admittedly, that was a very long time ago and, like everything else original, has been manipulated away.

Prenatal dimension, an important aspect on the theme: "Feeling welcome".

But we should definitely give our children (and mothers) this kind of welcome gift. An anxiety-free, autonomous pregnancy included.

Certain processes (not only) during birth need to be critically scrutinised, because the usual medical and unnatural approach causes – largely unknown – considerable damage.

The first years of life – the most important

After birth, namely during the first years of life, we should ensure a deep bond in which the mother in particular, and subsequently the family, play the main role. Ensuring this bond, taking into account certain stages of a child’s development, is extremely important for their health and fulfilment of their potential. However, we must first ensure that a mother can fulfil her role again.


But why do we have to ensure it first?

In our ‘modern’ social structures, we separate both our children and our senior citizens from the tax-profitable part of society in a profit-optimised way. As far as our children are concerned, many parents no longer have the time to look after their children due to employment requirements. This is no coincidence. In practice, this means that stressed parents leave their children in crèches, daycare centres, nurseries or kindergartens. The little-publicised findings of attachment psychology fall by the wayside with fatal consequences.

It is also striking that structures of state regulation have obviously been deliberately created here, both in terms of fiscal and educational aspects. Naturally, a state does not intend to allow the development of little controllable potential, but rather requires a controllable mass of like-minded followers who can be sorted into the specified economically relevant ‘reality segments’ and utilised.

We must therefore ensure that a mother is allowed to have her important role again at all by replacing the existing artificial, inhumane concepts with a complete reform for natural social coexistence.

For Global Divine Childcare it means that for children up to the age of 4 years, separation from the family should be avoided by creating mother-child or family-child spaces. These are for socialising and sharing, gaining information and an insight into what opportunities will be available to their children as they get older.

Why it is difficult for us to make children feel welcome

When we consider the meaning of life, the following three or four questions occasionally arise:

  1. Where do I come from?
  2. Who am I and what is this all about?
  3. Where am I going?

As important as this topic is, it does not appear very often in our lesson plans. These three questions are rather asked in the light muse of a regulars’ table philosophy with a rather short half-life. For the future of our children it will be all the more important to clarify and internalize the truth about BEING or about the “I Am” consciousness.

There are two great days in a person’s life: The day we are born and the day we discover why.
Mark Twain

The awareness of the meaning of life gives us a higher perspective and leads us to spirituality. This is the “spirit” in which we can make our children feeling welcome much more easily.

In our material world, unfortunately, we are less concerned with “being” than with “having” and “wanting to become”.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

We ask our children this regularly, making it clear that they are “NOTHING” yet. We should now ask ourselves whether they feel welcome with this impulse.

Children play and discover

When we observe children attentively, when we look into their souls especially through their eyes, we discover that they obviously have a mission. They want to play and discover in the process. They want to explore and investigate. They do this with incredible potential at a correspondingly rapid pace. They needed for this a natural way according to their nature.

However, children develop very specific skills at very specific ages.

Unfortunately, we do everything to prevent this mission. In the process, we have long been in such a state of limitation that we no longer even notice that we are not only not supporting our children, but also leading them into this limitation.

Encourage the “want”, not suppress it

Surely everyone has listened to a child who expressed: “I want…”!

Likewise, everyone has probably heard the response of an (annoyed) adult:

“You have nothing to want here,
that is: I would like… PLEASE!”

Feeling welcome? Sad eyes are not an indication.

This sentence should cause a very large pain point for every child, which is spontaneously reflected in the eyes. This pain point causes permanent damage. Such remarks have long since advanced to fixed beliefs. They hide in many variations in countless places in our habitual language world. Taken as a whole, such misdirections constitute what we call child rearing.

The WANT – An important aspect of feeling welcome!

Our children HAVE to WANT something here! Merely a “would like” is not enough. It is too weak when you consider that actual action requires real wanting.

In this sense, then, we want to meet our children, always with the awareness of their mission and, accordingly, with the deep desire in the heart space:


Most certainly, we must not only expand our knowledge and awareness, but also change the civilizational framework.

Beware of indoctrination – Just ONE example

The lyrics of a probably very often sung german children’s song should just be let sink in without thinking about China:

You have done well, you have done well,
so you won’t be laughed at…

As is well known, what is “good” is decided by society, controlled by politics and the media. In 2020, it was suddenly “good” to avoid contact with grandparents, who, as we know, belong to a vulnerable group and could die if …

As is well known, what is “good” is decided by society, controlled by politics and the media. In 2020, it was suddenly “good” to avoid contact with grandparents, who, as we know, belong to a vulnerable group and could die if …
Let’s also think about the reversal that lies in the statement of such a song text and ask ourselves how many “mistakes” we make so.

We abolish it!

Feeling welcome – A musical contribution to welcome our children from our own production

This remix “God blessed your holy way” was created spontaneously on the occasion of a home birth near me, namely one floor below the studio. It is a song to welcome our children.

It is one of the few songs I sang myself as part of the productions of our partner project Global Divine Studios. This remix was created spontaneously on the occasion of a nearby home birth, one floor below the studio.

This song is dedicated to all the babies on the approach and otherwise for their stay.

GDS Yoster (Horst Graf)

The songs is based on the musical composition of Lee Greenwood „God bless the USA“.

The atmosphere of the approaching birth of the baby, a girl, brought a spontaneous impulse to the text composition, in which some passages of the English original should find a place in the changed context. The spontaneous desire to produce the arrangement can be largely explained by the strong energetic influence that a sun rising in the east was able to muster as a messenger of peace.

A complete lack of sleep throughout the night of the birth and the following day, recurring tears and a trembling singing voice are testimony to a strongly felt power that comes from where the baby was also sent again.

So, headphones on and pray along, for our children …

God blessed your holy way

Original Song: Lee Greenwood,
Leadvocals, lyrics, arrangement & production: Horst Graf,
Cosmic adlibs: Nebadonia through Nicola Trostorff,
Choir: Nicola Trostorff, Family members and the divine angel choirs,

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