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Interview questions and answers about Global Divine Childcare

I really liked the idea of this Interview questions and answers format. A kind of FAQ page was planned one way or another, but my answers somehow seemed too long for this style. So I remembered various conversations and the questions asked during them. So I remembered various conversations and the questions asked during them. Here we go …

Childcare without daycare centers and separation, is that possible?

Interview - Questions and answers on Global Divine Childcare
Full question:

Horst, on the homepage of your website you state that the planned pilot project neither means the creation of daycare centers nor supports a separation between children and family. Can you explain that to us in more detail?

First of all, thank you for the idea of this interview format “Interview Questions & Answers” (FAQ). In fact, critical and curious questions had already arisen from other places.

Horst Graf - Yoster

Now for the solution of the riddle: Daycare centers, kindergartens, day nurseries and, by extension, of course, the entire education system are concepts of a state that is nothing other than an artificially created living space for the purpose of accomplishing certain organizational tasks.

Each state has certain interests, which are also subject to the spirit of the times and other factors. The industrialization, which was set in motion only since the end of the 19th century, the monetary, financial and economic system or also the alleged necessity of economic and military expansion make it easy to see that no humane concepts can be applied with such artificial conditions.

In our “modern” social structures, we separate both our children and our seniors from the tax-profitable part of society in a profit-optimized way. As far as our children are concerned, many parents no longer have the time to take care of their children due to work requirements. This is no coincidence. In practice, it then looks like stressed parents leave their children with (also often) stressed daycare staff in daycare centers. It is also striking that structures of state regulation have obviously been created here, both in terms of fiscal and educational aspects. A state naturally does not intend to allow little controllable development of potential, but needs a controllable mass of like-minded fellow travelers who can be sorted and utilized in the given economically relevant “reality segments”.

In the context of our consciousness ascent these materialistic constructions will not be able to be held any longer. We want to abolish them, because they are not only not beneficial for us and our children, but extremely harmful for the development and by the way also not humane!

Of course, this requires a complete reform of social coexistence. I always think first of our very destructive monetary system, which characterizes an elbow society and which has immanently obstructed the division between rich and poor due to its interest effect and its creditworthiness principle and is to be classified as criminal overall. Regarding a solution that is much more far-reaching than „merely“ changing this monetary system, I recall the ideas of Rudolf Steiner. So we have to deal with the system of social threefolding, which, moreover, considers society as a natural organism.

So if, with these considerations and the resulting reform measures, we overcome the need for parents to place their children in daycare centers for the purpose of material survival, we will first have ensured that the unnatural separation between children and family will be a thing of the past. This is where Global Divine Childcare comes in.

For which children should the care be provided?

Interview - Questions and answers on Global Divine Childcare
Full question:

If there is no longer any need at all for parents to leave their children in the hands of strangers, which children are to be cared for in your pilot project in the first place?

All children. No child should be excluded, but it is voluntary for all children or parents. We take care of all children whose parents want additional support. Let’s break down the principle that Global Divine Childcare stands for to a simple level. It is quite easy to imagine building a children’s playground in a residential area.

Horst Graf - Yoster

This can be found almost everywhere. This playground can then be used or not. If the playground is particularly interesting because it is completely different from usual playgrounds, children will always express the desire to play there and parents will appreciate that their children find a special joy in doing so. If, in addition, they even experience certain care at this place, this increases the appreciation even more. The “playground” that Global Divine Childcare wants to provide for the children of a regional catchment area as a play, learning, and adventure area, and which will be a whole stretch of land with woods, meadows, and water, must therefore be so interesting and, above all, so useful to society that children and parents will recognize an enrichment and support it.

In addition, we want to be “village square between the villages” and put our children in the center there. As a village square, the project will then also be realized as a point of attraction for parents, grandparents and simply all interested parties. A rise of consciousness into a new dimension and thus into a new society brings unimaginable new possibilities. Let’s organize regular events of an informative and social nature.

Of course, there may also be individual cases where something like crisis intervention and thus at least temporarily binding childcare becomes necessary. Or let’s think of individual cases where both parents want to work at the same time at certain times. In such cases, Global Divine Childcare will be able to offer very flexible, binding childcare models.

Is GDC a project of the new era?

Interview - Questions and answers on Global Divine Childcare
Full question:

It sounds like the project is also a kind of promotion for the beginning of a new era?

That actually sums it up pretty well. A kind of restructuring aid, a big push in the right direction. The contents of this website or the project description available for download are the basis for pilot project and upcoming research work.

Horst Graf - Yoster

Children should be able to find themselves and express themselves. This could give rise to any number of individual projects under one roof. I have already mentioned the idea of organizing information events or something like workshops for parents. Everything to do with childcare, education, nutrition or even the topic of the “prenatal dimension” and pain-free birth could be included in the timetable. Just anything that will be useful for the new world and it should be clear that this has a very unifying character. Global Divine Childcare, with its vision, has an all-encompassing and all-unifying intention and thus inevitably shapes a new social or communal reality.

For the children, depending on their age, we want to be developmentally appropriate, pre-school supportive and school supportive. The whole in the new garb of the golden age. We will deal with the described topics. Natural and native learning, recognizing the soul plan, living in the order of God, etc.

What is the 5th dimension and the higher level of consciousness?

Fragen & Antworten zu Global Divine Childcare
Full question:

Horst, you speak in connection with your project of the 5th dimension and of the ascent into a higher level of consciousness. That sounds pretty whacky to most people. What is it all about?

Yes, that probably sounds absolutely spooky to many, if I may classify it that way with a friendly wink. In the spiritual linguistic world, one generally and, by the way, quite naturally uses the terms transformation and ascension of consciousness, 3D and 5D.

Horst Graf - Yoster

Note on user guidance:

The following and essential detailed information about the 5th dimension and the separation are in the separate article: End Times – Into the 5th Dimension

At the end of the linked article is a link back to this page for the next question.

We have been experiencing for some time, for example, considerable changes with regard to the decreasing intensity of the earth’s magnetic field, the increase of the earth’s vibration and the change of the sun’s activity. We may imagine that the change from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional density entails an increase in consciousness and perception and a change in our physical molecular structure. We become more ethereal. When we step into the language field of the Abrahamic religions, we speak of the so-called end time and may be sure that we are at present already at the end of this end time. The signs mentioned in the Bible as prophecies for the end times are abundant. The Swiss theologian Roger Liebi has scientifically examined biblical indications and could prove on the basis of 180 fulfilled prophecies that we are in these end times. As for the very recent times, the book author would now have every reason to bring his work into the next edition. We are now in an El Dorado of prophecies that continue to be fulfilled and even intensify.

End time does not mean the end of our existence in an ultimate cataclysmic form, but the end of the level of consciousness that was available to us on this planet for our development in the 3rd dimension. Furthermore, the end time can be seen as a purification process and liberation for mankind.

The post-Atlantean time epoch, which we have gone through the last millennia and which was bristling with wars and violence, i.e. with evil, actually served our development. We need the evil (in us) to be able to decide for the good. This refers to “waging war” in the broadest sense. This does not only mean military or physical-violent confrontation and deliberate hurting or killing, but also dealing with disturbing feelings such as hatred, envy or jealousy, but also, for example, attachment to material things. Jesus had put it in a nutshell when he formulated the homework: “Love your enemies”.

Those who have essentially mastered this development go the way into the 5th dimension on quite a straight path. Those who, for example, feel comfortable in an elbow society and/or adhere to a materialistic world view, receive exactly these external circumstances, but with optimized development possibilities. As far as people are connected to God in their faith and confess Jesus Christ in right guidance, they receive conditions which – far away from dualism and guilt – allow to experience divine love and mercy, namely on this (then purified) planet “earth”.

Other human brothers and sisters still need some time and receive for this purpose suitable cosmic living spaces with correction time loops, i.e. other planets, which are presumably available as reflections or copies of our planet Earth and which at first still simulate the energies of the accustomed 3rd dimension in different gradations. It is quite conceivable that, with regard to the selection of the appropriate path or planet, it is a matter of the eschatological Last Judgement.

Thereby our Creator-God considers the free will of the human being, as He has created him. While for the again and again formulated idea of a “colonization of the space” a “vision” seems to stand rather as fiction regarded by most people, I quote very gladly from the Bible. There one of my best friends says:

My Father’s house has room to spare. If that weren’t the case, would I have told you that I’m going to prepare a place for you? When I go to prepare a place for you, I will return and take you to be with me so that where I am you will be too. […]
John 14:2

The time of the 5th dimension corresponds to the so-called golden age. In the Bible, a period of about 1000 years is reported in this context. In these 1000 years, all human brothers and sisters, whatever different paths they may have taken due to different states of development, will ultimately be brought together. This is what God desires and realizes for us. We will be united as a human family and then go in turn together to the next higher state of consciousness.

From these explanations it becomes clear that some people go a different way and that it comes thereby to temporary separations. It is important for me to say something about this, remembering the words of Adama of Telos, to clarify still existing connections with love and to express this – as long as it is still possible – from the deepest heart with words, if otherwise not possible also in thoughts. If necessary, it is good to do without the details of the transitional separation, so as not to trigger any fears.

How did the name “Global Divine Childcare” come about?

Interview - Questions and answers on Global Divine Childcare
Full question:

The Name of your project, Global Divine Childcare, sounds very “self-confident”. What were you thinking?

The question is whether it was really me who had something in mind. The first two name components, i.e. “Global Divine” already existed before for the music project Global Divine Studios, whose music productions describe the divine transformation. At that time it went “through my head” like that.

Horst Graf - Yoster

The idea for the name of Global Divine Childcare came at the end of 2020. I now have to make a larger arc that describes my spiritual development. This will make it clear that it is not (only) me who has become creative here. We could actually interpose the following question at this point, which we have on our mind:

Who are “Esu” and “CM”?

Interview - Questions and answers on Global Divine Childcare
Full question:

Horst, you repeatedly speak of God, transformation, of the 5th dimension and of Esu and CM. “Esu” and “CM” are terms in need of explanation. What is it about them?

So, regarding Global Divine Childcare, I had started writing down my thoughts on January 17, 2022. I initially called it a conception. At that time, I had long believed in God and also had certain feelings, thoughts and a – let’s say – diffuse awareness of a connection to God from time to time.

Horst Graf - Yoster

The thoughts in this regard and also on the subject of Global Divine Childcare became more and more intense and more and more questions arose, which, strangely enough, I was always able to answer “myself” quite quickly. Often only a few seconds passed between question and answer, which then raised the question why I had formulated the question in the first place. After some time I had noticed that my thoughts, especially the answers of them, were not my own thoughts. They were, for me, initially the answers in the form of thoughts of my “self”. At least, that’s how I formulated it for myself at the time. “I” was answering my questions “self”. So there were “two” in the game, as Eckart Tolle would say.

Already before this time I have been occupied with the Urantia Book and with the Phoenix Journals and came in contact with Eve Kumara. Eve is a member of the “ground staff” in the cosmic project “earth transition” with several responsibilities. Roughly speaking, this is the term used to describe the change from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. The leaders of this project and also the protagonists in the Phoenix Journals (“Brand New Testament”, how I phrase it) are those whom we call Jesus and Christ. Jesus, the Savior, who not only relieves us of our sins, but delivers us from the dark times of war and evil of the 3rd dimension. In the jargon of the phoenix journals one speaks among other things of Esu (Jesus).

CM is the abbreviation of Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon.

CM, that is our Christ, is a creator son of the Eternal Father and creator of our local universe, called Nebadon. He is OUR God. Just know that each local universe is created by a different Creator Son. With this it also becomes clear why God speaks in the plural in the holy books again and again.

Esu, whom we call Jesus and who was called Immanuel 2000 years ago in his lifetime (In Islam: Isa), is, like all of us human beings, an ascending son of God and in his (ascending) evolution has reached the highest state of consciousness to hold the cosmic title Sananda (One with God). So, when we speak of Jesus Christ as a single figure, it is anything but wrong, even though there are two “entities”.

I go so far out here to explain that I had recognized very fast my two interlocutors Esu and CM in the thoughts (answers) of my self. Through the mentioned reading and through Eve, whom I had met personally for the first time in February 2021, I was docked in this field of consciousness and there are also further infallible characteristics that I had met our God as “double power pack”.

Since it was clear to me who my interlocutors were, I could realize more and more that the answers to my questions came from God and that the ideas for Global Divine Childcare were no coincidence.

So I am sure that the naming is not (only) from me, that is not from my rational-cognitive functioning mind.

How the name “Global Divine Childcare” came about – continued

Interview - Questions and answers on Global Divine Childcare
Full question:

Back to the initial question:
The name of your project, Global Divine Childcare, sounds very “self-confident”. What were you thinking?

CM had then expressed that “my” desire to support children should not be limited to a local or regional area. It is about all children (of this planet) and who is familiar with the fate of the children on and under the surface of this planet can understand this only too well.

Horst Graf - Yoster

The project should therefore be set in motion in Germany and then, also with earthly-scientific accompaniment, be provided with the divine certificate. Hence the global claim. The term “Divine” is logical insofar as the project is to be understood in connection with the transformation as the will of God and my “principal” and protector for the project.

How will the pilot project be financed?

Interview - Questions and answers on Global Divine Childcare
Full question:

The money for the pilot project will certainly not come from the spirit world. How are you going to finance all this?

As far as financing is concerned, it is important to know that the current monetary and financial system will collapse shortly (2022). This is no coincidence, but part of the plan. A new gold or material backed money system has long been prepared.

Horst Graf - Yoster

For this are deposited terms like quantum financial system (QFS) and GLOBAL ECONOMIC SECURITY AND REFORM ACT (GESARA). Just as the previous debt money system kept societies in control and shaped them negatively through its artificially created state of scarcity (elbow societies), the lack of financial resources will soon be a thing of the past and thus positively change the entire civilization. The public spirit that goes along with it will lead to the provision of funds, as far as e.g. humanitarian goals are to be achieved with it. These funds have already been created and put into stand-by mode for the time being. They are just waiting for the QFS and GESARA to be activated. Global Divine Childcare has already been applied for QFS funding.

Who does the work in such a project?

Interview - Questions and answers on Global Divine Childcare
Full question:

You don’t just need money for such a huge pilot project, but also a whole lot of people to do the work. How do you envision that?

As far as the keyword “work” is concerned, I anticipate that (not only) when dealing with children, there will be no talk of work at all. We will do it all with the utmost joy, as our children deserve, as they model for us and as our Creator-God desires.

Horst Graf - Yoster

Certain changed conditions, such as the possibilities of the new monetary and financial system, such as the establishment of a system of social threefolding analogous to Rudolf Steiner’s idea, as well as with a new, higher consciousness and opened hearts, will make this possible. For the rest, our children will be our teachers. In a playful way we will do things much better than before.

I am sure that those who want to support children in the future will perhaps cross my path in a very early stage of the project, so to speak, and miraculously if need be. This has something to do with divine guidance and providence. Blaise Pascal’s saying comes to mind:

If you want to make God laugh, tell Him
about your plans.

That means: The really decisive things in life are not subject to the planning of the cognitively working mind, but are divine providence. Probably I will meet “at the right time” people who have so the one or other problem with the past system and who are due to their advanced development ahead of time in the eschatological purification phase. As far as the project will have taken up speed, the establishment of contact should become then also more purposeful.

Of course, people with completely different interests and abilities are needed. Global Divine Childcare needs a whole area of land, equipped with forest, meadows and a lake. All kinds of functional buildings will be on it, animals are important.

So in addition to those who want to be primarily involved in caring for children, there is a need for helpers from many other fields. Scientists, craftsmen, farmers, gardeners, kitchen staff, scientists, musicians etc. pp. But all should ask with open hearts and shining eyes at the underlying idea of the project: “What can I do for our children?”

Global Divine Childcare wants to be available between the villages as a central village square. Our children belong in the center, whereby by this circumstance from all directions young and old are to be united. Also by this sympathy, certainly also individual and varied creativity and finally general support arises. With an increased consciousness and a thereby changed feeling for community, new possibilities arise, which have been withheld from us until now.

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