Topics & Theses - The painless birth

The painless birth

The painless birth

within the prenatal dimension

Goldene Felder - Adama von Telos
Excerpt about the painless birth

The painless birth

The text from the book “Goldene Felder” describes that there was a painless birth. Let’s just use this knowledge for the future and put this aspect within the “prenatal dimension” on the list of topics.

An excerpt from the book: “Goldene Felder” Spaziergänge mit Adama, chapter: “How the birth was originally”.

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Topics & Theses - Liberty Equality Fraternity

Liberty Equality Fraternity

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity


Liberty, equality and fraternity are essential characteristics that have been shaped from different sources and in different contexts. We are concerned with our future and the future of our children. Therefore, we do not take up these concepts in a mystical or manipulative-political context. The derivation is from Anthroposophy, which has a significant role in many considerations for the future.

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Topics & Theses - Recognize soul plan

Recognize soul plan

Recognize soul plan

We will recognize you

The 5th dimension brings us to a higher consciousness. We receive a sensitization of our energy and DNA system and a change in our physical molecular structure. We become more ethereal. This puts a new “discipline” on the timetable. We will recognize the soul plan in ourselves and our children.

The knowledge of the divinity of our children

Why to recognize the soul plan - Each soul has its way

We go through development above all within the matter condensed in space and time, and this under consideration of quite certain development goals. These are certainly on the one hand of general nature, but often also shaped in dependence of requirements or desires resulting from the past. We ourselves determine the path and when we

recognize our soul plan, we can better focus on walking the straightest path possible.

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Topics & Theses - Feeling welcome

Feeling welcome

Feeling welcome

back in the terranaut suit

“Feeling welcome” is certainly an aspect that is important not only for our children. It makes a big difference for everyone on their journey to have this feeling or not. How important is it then for our children?

Why it is difficult for us to make children feel welcome

When we consider the meaning of life, the following three questions occasionally arise:

  1. Where do I come from?
  2. Who am I and what is this all about?
  3. Where am I going?
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Topics & Theses - Life in the order of God

Life in God’s order

Life in God’s order

Get out of the shark tank

Life in God’s order; A wonderful vision formulated long ago

The future - Journey into the order of God

Some things do not need to be reinvented, especially when they have been so divinely formulated for a life in God’s order. In a mind movie by Eve Kumara1 we hear a wonderful visualization of the future as we will experience it and how it is accordingly available as a desired framework for our project of Global Divine Childcare. In a slightly modified and shortened form and set in the tense of the future,

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Topics & Theses - “I Am”-Consciousness

I Am – Consciousness

“I Am”-Consciousness

The inside is the greatest

What does “I Am-Consciousness” mean? If we want to approach this formulation in the form of a definition, then the “I AM” is a creature-philosophical expression of the divine fullness, the infinity of the will, the energy of the source.

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Topics & Theses - Natural & native learning

Natural & native learning

Natural & native learning

Everything in its time and with great pleasure

In a completely degenerate world, the desire to learn from the past and do everything right in the future arises. Natural & native learning is definitely one of the important things here.

Natural learning – Live and learn playfully is one of the keys

Man plays only when he is in the full sense of the word a man, and he is only wholly Man when he is playing.

If we as a society no longer manage to follow these words of Friedrich Schiller, because we have been robbed of our original potential and because playing is supposedly not part of the seriousness of life by any stretch of the imagination, shouldn’t we make our children our teachers and the teachers of themselves? Aren’t children, as long as we haven’t (dis)educated them, our teachers in the matter of playing anyway?

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