Childcare in the 5th Dimension

A warm welcome


Childcare in the 5th Dimension

Global Research and Restructuring Project


A big 5D-“Flower Pot”


After ascending to a higher level of consciousness (5D), we make the necessary corrections in the matter of raising children. The light has displaced the darkness and the children to be cared for become REAL FRIENDS. They can be our younger or older siblings, we will recognize them.

With the foundation of Global Divine Childcare we have set ourselves the task to accompany our children on their way into the new level of consciousness and then to continuously support them. We consider them as our brothers and sisters sent by God and welcome them with the deep desire in the heart space:

You are love!”

We do not create daycare centers, no separation (more), no state regulation and commercialization of people. Quite the opposite! Such artificial constructs and concepts of fear will be recognized by the people of more conscious societies as undignified conditions and will be rejected. This is where Global Divine Childcare steps in.

Childcare in the 5th Dimension

With our vision and its implementation, initially in the form of a planned pilot project, we promote the creation of spaces in which our children can discover and develop freely with the incredible potential of their creative nature. We also promote the necessary changes for a healthy society to be considered as a whole organism and place our children at the center.

Pilot Project

Childcare in the 5th Dimension

An entire stretch of land, situated by a lake and a forest, is to be made available for the pilot project. Between smaller villages in a rural setting, this Garden of Eden is to be a place that, as a “village square” between the villages, is not only centrally located and easily accessible for children and young people, but will also be creatively connecting between young and old.

GDC-Adventure-Parc for Childcare in the 5th Dimension

We will need buildings for accommodation, management, catering, crafts, playing and learning. Around it a lot of play and cultivation area and of course water for splashing, swimming (learning) and – for example – sailing.

Prinzip für unser Globales Forschungs- und Umstrukturierungsprojekt. Wir leben zusammen mit Tieren.

We will certainly also have the “Bremen Town Musicians” with us. We consider them our younger siblings and will treat them with care and live with them.

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