Global Divine Childcare-Poem

By Nicola Trostorff – Divinely certified

This poem was written on the part of the author (Nicola Trostorff) at the beginning of the year 2022 and made available to us. Following the will of God, it finds its place at first here as a Global Divine Childcare-Poem.
Also following the will of God, the poem was translated from German into the English language.

Global Divine Childcare - Gedicht

The principles which this poem points out carry the vibrations of truth and may serve as a guide for us.

Global Divine Childcare



The heaven outside has much space,
all the stars concerning,
a space so free and endless,
created for our learning.

The human soul fills up the space,
through thinking and through feeling,
what lingers there will not be lost,
will guide our future being.

What we will send that will return,
whether love or pain,
we are the rulers of our bliss,
through our hearts we gain

We are not body, we are spirit,
connected we all are,
the energy eternal,
has found its way this far.

– – –
Nicola Trostorff

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