“I Am”-Consciousness

The inside is the greatest

What does “I Am-Consciousness” mean? If we want to approach this formulation in the form of a definition, then the “I AM” is a creature-philosophical expression of the divine fullness, the infinity of the will, the energy of the source.

“I Am-Consciousness”; If we tell our children THAT from the beginning…

If we want to use other words for this attempt at a definition made above, then we can also express it quite simply as follows:

"I Am-Consciousness" - We are light beings

We are eternal spiritual light beings and creator natures full of divine love and mercy

Here in the gross material world of experience we are once again visiting and wearing our “Terranaut suit”. In this physicality we can realize the experiences which we need and which we have wished for. In this way we can develop further and further in our inconceivable potential.

To be or to have …

“We have a body” and “We have a mind”. This is how we formulate the state of our being here in the “Terranaut suit” as a fleshly body. So we don’t speak about that we are our body or that we are our mind. So who is this WE or the I that has a body? Well, the answer is at the beginning of this text in the quote given there.

Look home

How we have been manipulated into „undeads“

In order to suppress the „I Am-Consciousness”, human souls had to be downright broken. The indoctrination in childhood plays a decisive as well as unholy role. A brutalization of our children does not take place only in the present time of the so-called „Cancel-Culture“. The brutalization that has already taken place for decades via heavy metal music, alcohol, drugs and soccer-fan macho excesses exemplifies only four indicators. The materialism, not only in form of capitalism consumption compulsion, looks for its equal. In religious „blessings“ such as confirmation and communion, cash gifts are anything but insignificant.

The more „modern“ the time, the more brutal the methods became. Let’s think about the gender policy, which is supposed to take away the sexual identity of children for the purpose of destabilization. Let’s think about the porn industry, which reaches the youngest consumers via smart phone at an average age of 11 years not only via TikTok. Thus Our children are being entirely distraught, mechanized and dragged into a brutalization. The attempt to disconnect the human soul from our creator God by the vaccination pandemic and thus to bring it under control shows a gruesome climax.

Another approach to repressing the “I Am consciousness” is found in the suppression of knowledge. For example, it would be of great importance to study the seven spiritual laws or to understand mechanisms of the representative of the mind level (ego). The ego keeps us away from our higher consciousness and the divine power therein with its treacherous tricks, which are applied in an overused manner through manipulation.

We abolish it!

From object to subject, with human dignity to “I am”

The human being as an object

Human dignity is inviolable. This is what it says at the very beginning of our Basic Law. Obviously, this is meant to suggest that our state system cares about this issue. It is not only on a state and constitutional level that the topics of human dignity and “I am” consciousness can be linked very well.

We have realized that we have been degraded unnoticed to objects by state specifications and beliefs. Shouldn’t the subject of human dignity then be one of the rather more important subjects to be taught as an aspect of the spiritual “I am”? We have already stated in the article Natural and native learning that the subject of human dignity must become an important discipline.

With the truth to the “I Am – Consciousness”

Shouldn’t we tell our children this from the beginning so that they always remember their eternal home? Should we now also tell our children about topics such as reincarnation or what we do at night – in our sleep?

Or should we even teach our children about a term like spiritual precipitation in its spiritual meaning and explain in this context what we actually know long ago from placebo research?

The answer is: Yes, we should do this and we are going to do it and they will know that they are eternal spiritual light beings full of divine love and mercy carried by peace and freedom. They will know that they are creator natures and that an inconceivable soul potential is waiting in them to be recognized and called upon.

"I Am"-Consciousness

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