The Green Beautiful

An insight into God’s Order

Designed as a comedy, the film “The Green Beautiful” (“The Green Planet”) shows a drastic state of our earthly existence that we consider “normal” or even desirable. If we want to imagine what the difference between the consciousness of the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension might be, then let this comedy be seen as an educational film.

The Green Beautiful.

Screenshot from the educational film: “The Green Beautiful” with the three main actors. A film to reflect on.

The deep desire and the manifested striving for harmony, humanity and respect, we may consider as divinely “readable” indicators, which help us to manage the ascent into the 5th dimension.

Unlike on the green planet, in the 5th dimension we can (still) assume to have clean technology that meaningfully complements a natural life in the order of God. We are likely to regain abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis in an evolutionary process.


Coline Serreau, 1996 – French/English subtitles

Source: Bitchute-Channel TruthVideos1984

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