How the birth was originally

As part of the pain-free birth

Goldene Felder - Adama von Telos
Excerpt about the painless birth

The painless birth

The text from the book “Goldene Felder” describes that there was a painless birth. Let’s just use this knowledge for the future and put this aspect within the “prenatal dimension” on the list of topics.

An excerpt from the book: “Goldene Felder” Spaziergänge mit Adama, chapter: “How the birth was originally”.

The book is so far only available in German. Translated with DeepL


My dearly beloved, this is your friend Adama of Telos speaking. Eve was kind enough to take some time to send a message, as there is some urgency. Don, Esu, CM and Monjoronson have had a dialogue about Gaia and about letting go of her parental role, and I would like to cross at this point to clarify a bit more the process of birth as we view it here in Telos.

We are following your ideas about GAIA’s childbearing in a very painful and exhausting process that is certainly a reflection of your perception of birth on the surface. The image goes back to a phrase in your Bible that Eve was expelled from Paradise by an angry God who spoke to her in a raised voice, “In pain you shall bear your children.

Indeed, the births of her children became more and more painful for Eve, as she had lost the privileges from Eden, – which involved maintaining and renewing her highly evolved body, – but nevertheless, this was only a result of the changed circumstances, the consequences of the reality she had created, and not a revenge by the Creator Himself. Some of you – especially those who still adhere to the Catholic Church – still believe that there is no other way than suffering, because man still has to bear Eve’s “sin”. I would like to politely ask you to just forget about it.

All the pain that the woman of the earth’s surface suffers in childbearing is a result of distorted circumstances, contaminated food, a polluted environment, poisoned relationships, and also a poisoned mind. There is a system behind this, dear ones. Your conventional medicine is deliberately sowing into people’s minds that “complications are normal” – for so many, child birth seems to be some kind of disease. Dear ones, BIRTH IS NOT A DISEASE, but a natural process.

Every single day TV stations show women giving birth with you – lying on their backs in a really helpless state, or having a C-section because there were “complications”. Even during pregnancy the complication is carefully planted in people’s minds – and even if the pregnant woman is aware of reality and illusion and cosmic laws, she usually has many “well-meaning” relatives and friends around her, who tell her horror stories of birth of this or that person – doctors insist on completely unnecessary and nonsensical tests and checks, where then so often the complications first manifest.

On the contrary, we in Telos see birth as a sacred act, a celebration. Pregnant women together with their husbands carefully prepare themselves in our temples, they consciously honor the life-giving act, their bodies, they talk to the soul of the newly incarnating baby – pregnancy is absolutely uncomplicated, even shorter than on the surface, and the birth process itself is perceived as painless – yes, sometimes even as an orgasmic act. The partner in the main role as a supporter of the birthing woman is always the woman’s lover and husband, father of the child. He holds her in a stable position from behind, which is UPRIGHT, and not lying on her back, he makes sure that her hair is open, so that […]

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