The painless birth

within the prenatal dimension

The painless birth

An excerpt from the book: “Golden Fields” Walks with Adama, chapter: “How the birth was originally”.

Translated with DeepL


My dearly beloved, this is your friend Adama of Telos speaking. Eve was kind enough to take some time to send a message, as there is some urgency. Don, Esu, CM and Monjoronson have had a dialogue about Gaia and about letting go of her parental role, and I would like to cross at this point to clarify a bit more the process of birth as we view it here in Telos.

In the sign of the times, there have already been efforts to remember the original insights and to transform the process of birth into a highly vibrational, positive experience. Labels such as “The gentle birth”, “The natural birth” and “Privacy” or “The orgasmic birth” stand as testimony to this. The transformation of the programming of a pain experience propagated as “certainty”, shaped by the energetic power of the word “labour”, is an essential aspect of this. Changing other circumstances that have a negative effect are additional keys to a low-pain or even pain-free birth.

In the new time in God’s order we will be aware of the divine power of manifestation and know: “Thoughts create reality”.

Own experience in the delivery room

But let’s stay on topic for a bit. As a father of three, I have been present in the delivery room three times when my children were born. In retrospect and with today’s sensitivity, I now shudder retrospectively. Not only can I fully comprehend Adama’s explanations, but I maintain that the children here on the surface of the earth – as he so beautifully puts it from his perspective – experience the path to daylight downright under torture.

Are we experiencing torture methods in childbirth?

In any case, what we can first establish is that the vast majority of births take place in a hospital, i.e. in a place where sick people are in order to be cured. So a birth is declared as a disease and paid by a health insurance. Not infrequently, a birth resembles the scenario of an operation. Forceps, suction cup, perineal scalpel are “tools” of “modern” medicine.

Surgery birth with glaring of the newborn baby

And instead of letting the baby see a – perhaps preferably – gentle (day) light, the very first thing that happens in such a morbid “ambience” is that it is blinded by a light-intensive LED surgical lamp.

In such a hospital I noticed very consciously during the third birth, where I was allowed to be present as an expectant father, that the beeping of the CTG (“labor recorder”), which also acoustically reflects the heart sounds of the unborn child, was extremely annoying.

Delivery room CTG

A monotonous beeping, for hours, which emits something threatening when the baby’s heart rate rises and falls, even when you know the reasons for these frequency changes. The baby itself should not be aware of these reasons.

When I asked whether the acoustic signal could not be switched off, I was told that the monitoring was for safety purposes and that switching off the signal was against the regulations.

Today I ask myself how a still unborn baby might feel with these monotonous, “alarming” frequencies for hours on end. I am sure: Like many other things, for example the very harmful radiation exposure from wifi and smartphones, this must be a thing of the past!

After birth, a baby is then given brief contact with its mother, only to be snatched away from her again after a short time for the purpose of “further processing”.

The toxic injection – Established and accepted

It is not long before the first needle is inserted through the skin into the body. Just a “little prick” to supply the infant with substances like arsenic, aluminum hydroxide or mercury under the guise of “vaccination health”. Under the constraints of a growth-oriented monetary system, the pharmaceutical industry cannot be blamed for making a profit from future patient influx, and parents just mean well.

Baby Vaccination

We abolish it!

Feeling welcome – A musical contribution to welcome our children from our own production

This remix “God blessed your holy way” was created spontaneously on the occasion of a home birth near me, namely one floor below the studio. It is a song to welcome our children.

It is one of the few songs I sang myself as part of the productions of our partner project Global Divine Studios. This remix was created spontaneously on the occasion of a nearby home birth, one floor below the studio.

This song is dedicated to all the babies on the approach and otherwise for their stay.

GDS Yoster (Horst Graf)

The songs is based on the musical composition of Lee Greenwood „God bless the USA“.

The atmosphere of the approaching birth of the baby, a girl, brought a spontaneous impulse to the text composition, in which some passages of the English original should find a place in the changed context. The spontaneous desire to produce the arrangement can be largely explained by the strong energetic influence that a sun rising in the east was able to muster as a messenger of peace.

A complete lack of sleep throughout the night of the birth and the following day, recurring tears and a trembling singing voice are testimony to a strongly felt power that comes from where the baby was also sent again.

So, headphones on and pray along, for our children …

God blessed your holy way

Original Song: Lee Greenwood,
Leadvocals, lyrics, arrangement & production: Horst Graf,
Cosmic adlibs: Nebadonia through Nicola Trostorff,
Choir: Nicola Trostorff, Family members and the divine angel choirs,

Powered by Esu & CM

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