Childcare – Vision & Guiding Principles

Our Project – Vision & Guiding Principles

The vision of the project, previous guiding principles , political statement.

Childcare – Vision &
Guiding Principles

Childcare –
Vision & Guiding

Go to Bed with a Dream

Wake up
with a Purpose

Jacob Cohen

Global Divine Childcare is a project in the face of great change into a new age. The lies of the current age are breaking down. The euphemistic term “child welfare” plays a significant role in this. We want to abolish the inhumane form of childrearing, as we call it.


We want to care for or accompany children in a way where we see them not only as our future, but as our long-standing connection as human or soul siblings.

We know that our children and we are “incarnated” deities through incarnation, who desire their further development within this solid material space of experience. Knowing the previous manipulation, which has considerably impaired this development, we will now establish the necessary framework conditions and therein correspond to the desire of the further development of their souls.


We will no longer “educate” our children in the old sense, we will accompany, support and protect them!

The higher vibrations we are now privileged to experience, which will lead to the manifestation of divine love, are also the gateway of this project and thus of a new, divine way of caring for children. At the same time, we are inspired by the will to recognize, completely apart from the “seriousness of life”, in the shining eyes of our children, what really BEING is in a playful way and in the highest joy.

Global Divine Childcare will implement this within a pilot project planned in Germany. As a research project, it will be scientifically accompanied in order to then disseminate the divinely sealed findings worldwide.



During the ascent to a higher
level of consciousness (5D), we make the necessary corrections in the matter of raising children.
The light has displaced the darkness. The CHILDREN to be cared for become REAL FRIENDS.
They can be our younger or older siblings, we will recognize them.

We no longer see ourselves in the
narrow perspective of a single life span,
but as that what we really are:


We now provide our children with a “big flower pot”
as a play-, learning- and adventure-space, which guarantees in every respect an undisturbed development under the protection of the divine order and which has a connecting effect across generations.

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Previous Guiding Principles

Childcare – Vision & Guiding Principles for a modified Teacher-Student-Perspective

  • We have given ourselves the task of supporting our children on their intended path. We consider them as our brothers and sisters sent by God and welcome and treat them with the deep desire in the heart space:
  • Aware of the incredible potential that lies dormant in our children, we no longer view them from the traditional teacher-pupil perspective. We know that within each of our children lies their own individual curriculum. In connection, we will recognize it, take it to heart and accompany them as they discover and explore.
  • We observe our children carefully and thus recognize their curriculum and their own particular ideas. We can recognize the daily thought worlds of our children and enter into their “stories”. Suddenly we will understand why, for example, we can, must or at least want to water flowers makeshift with sand. In the Garden of Eden, at that moment, water will not be far away.

Further, previous Guiding Principles

Childcare – Vision & Guiding Principles on methods, pedagogy

  • On the scientific and methodological level, we will focus primarily on those teachings and teachers that have been conspicuously suppressed for a long time. The epistemology and anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner will serve us as a beacon, as well as the recommendations of Mikhail Petrovich Shetinin, Maria Montessori or Gerald Hüther.
  • The “five elements of our being” are phenomena given to us by God. Our children know this and feel connected and drawn to these elements. We will make sure that they explore and feel comfortable in these mediums.
  • The fulfilment of the basic needs for connection and security on the one hand, and for freedom and autonomy on the other, are at the same time a prerequisite for the full development of potential and the foundation of happy children(Prof. Gerald Hüther).

    We make this statement our own and thus a maxim of future childcare.

Changes in general conditions

Childcare – Vision & Guiding Principles for a different society

  • The education – or better: supportive guidance – of our children has a paramount importance for the entire civilization. It is carried out individually, taking into account the conditions of the original or developing regional culture. God has created different people, peoples and cultures so that they (can) learn from each other.
  • An important prerequisite for the necessary changes is a healthy society that can be viewed as a whole organism, in which in particular the division caused by over-economization must be overcome. To this end, we are using the momentum of the current transformation, which is taking us from a completely artificial (mis)order to a natural, original civilization.


as political statement:

The education and supportive care of our children is the highest democratic, highest social and ultimately overall civilizational räson! It is carried out on a charitable, non-profit basis and in the all-encompassing framework of divine love.

State and politics have no right of co-determination!

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